Ms. Corey Katir

Ms. Corey Katir blinds a man with her nails and is arrested with 250,000 Dollars bail

Police say 48-year-old Man named Raul "Omar" Quinones goes blind in one eye after being kicked, nail scratched, and horrifically assaulted by Ms. Corey Katir. "He could have even died by Ms. Katir's Judo kicks" said police officer.

You can use Judo in competition or with your coach..firends, but not allowed in regular altercation said the police officer in charge of this investigation. Police says Mr. Raul causes very minor injuries to Ms. Katir's face, however, he ends up in a nearby hospital with severe injuries to his face. Apparently the altercation was over Mr. Raul's jealousy. People say they are romantically involved and friends. She effectively fights back and demolishes his nose and makes him blind in one eye with her nails and scratching his face. People close to Ms. Katir say that she is a member of Israeli Judo team that won several Gold medals in Dubai. She speaks Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish and English. Because of these injuries Corey Katir is arrested and now on 250,000 Dollars bail.

Mr. Quinones is 5 foot 9, mid-40s and only speak Spanish and Arabic. Security video shows an unbelievable attack as it goes down in front of the woman's apartment. She's on the ground and this guy's on top of her trying to sexually attack her. She kicks and punches back. Using her nails, she rips apart his face.

The video clearly shows that Ms. Katir is kicking him back with Judo techniques. She is screaming at him and scratching at his face. Investigators say that video shows there were people off to the left of the building. You could see a woman actually walking by on the sidewalk .... cars driving. She is hoping somebody will stop and help her. No one does! She is shaken up, but not sexually assaulted said the police officer.

Video also shows individuals driving behind and at one point you can see a lady walking down the street looking back disturbed.

"During the altercation Ms. Katir fights back with Judo and makes him blind in one eye." and that is not acceptable said the police officer arriving at the scene. Mr. Quinones was found in nearby hospital bloody. Hospital emergency room Doctor added that Mr. Raul had lost lots of blood before arriving hospital. It is a miracle that he is alive said police officer.